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Mini Wooden Garland

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This beauty is available in natural blonde, with a range of painted or crochet beads in your choice of colours or copper metal squares.

It has 40 small 2cm beads and includes x4 painted beads or x2 copper squares.

This garland is so versatile, can be used anywhere from the nursery, to the living room, the bedroom to the home office.

Can be hung traditionally like a garland or on a single hook to hang vertically as a drop.

OPTIONS Add some painted beads, available in:
Candy Floss Pink
Baby Blue
Black Pearl
Copper Metal

*add crochet balls! crochet balls in a complimentary colour will be added to your garland. If you want a particular colour crochet ball please make a note in the Notes or Instructions part of the checkout.

If you would like something unique, eg. more than one colour, or hex beads instead of round - that's no problem at all - we love seeing the designs people come up with, pick the one that is closest to your design and in the 'Notes or Instructions' let me know exactly what you require.